The Looping is a fast boat. To guarantee its speed and lightness, hulls are relatively narrow. This releases a lot of volume for common areas (salon and cockpit), which we feel are the most important places on the boat (you don’t spend days in your cabin!).

Patrick Luscher’s design genius allows these performance hulls to create large and light cabins.

The two hulls are identical in design:

The rear cabins has a king size bed with three large drawers and a wardrobe locker. 12 volt fans and portholes on the inside of the hull guaranteeing fresh air nights even when raining.


The bathroom is equipped with a shower and electric automatic ceramic toilet, flush sink, large cabinet, 220V outlet, and forced ventilation from the outside forward section of the boat.





The front cabins house a double bed, 2 large drawers and wardrobe locker. A small bunk bed above the feet allows a child to sleep there or for more storage room. There are 12 volt fans and forced air ventilation in these cabins as well.





Openable hatches and numerous hull portholes give the hull plenty of light, adjustable by many curtains.