695 000 AUD

The sailing vessel Katali, a Looping 50 launched in 2014, is being offered for purchase.

She is a fast, safe but beautifully simple catamaran. The Looping are well-known for their speed, quality and ocean going ability.

Katali is currently sailing in Indonesia, and will be available for viewing in New Caledonia during the month of June 2017, and then later, in Brisbane, Australia.

It is our third boat, the outcome of more than 10 years of family cruising around the world.

Designed by famous French architect Patrick Luscher, this Looping 50 (more than 20 models of size from 42 to 60 sail on all world seas) has been fully customized under his supervision to conform to our precise requirements of modern design providing comfort for young and old alike, moving freely about the vessel, and making safe and rapid passages possible.

Katali was professionally built by the “Ultramarine Boatbuilders” shipyard in Pondicherry, India. All of the equipment installed was imported to India from the finest marine suppliers worldwide.

As owners, we were present during the two years of construction, to insure quality and compliance of the specifications.

We’ve been sailing on Katali for the past 3 years, feeling no limits of comfort and pleasure, but today, unplanned changes on our life necessitates her sale.